Avionic Aerospace

Brand Development

Capstone project for Graphic Design Specialization, CalArts

01 pattern cover image


Avionic is an emission-less aerospace company, which envisions providing clean and redefined ways of flying. Instead of traditional petroleum-based aviation fuel. Avionic designed aeroplanes that use electricity and hydrogen as fuel.

My main objective was to create a brand development guide for Avionic. The guide should include the origin of the idea, brainstorming, logo and form explorations, typography, visual identity, and finally brand applications. The visual identity should resemble the company core values while maintaining consistency and modularity.

02 mind mapping
Mind Mapping
03 Brand Philosophy
04 Historical References
Historical References
05 Contemporary References
Contemporary References
06 Logotype
Logotype Explorations
07 Logomark Development
Logomark Development
08 Color palette
Color palette and Logo lockup
09 Type Specimen
Brand Type Specimen
10 Modular System
Modular System
11 Airplane Livery
Airplane Livery
12 Posters

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