Siprego: Pizza E Pasta

Brand Identity

A new brand identity for Siprego which is a fast-casual pizzeria in Germany



The main objective of this project is to come up with a visual identity that will mix the old traditional Italian style of living and contemporary style and elements. Siprego is a fast-casual pizzeria. I have to develop and extend the logo into a complete brand identity. This includes typography and color palette research, coming up with a pattern and documenting brand guidelines.


Collage image of pizza restaurant


Siprego logo variations
Siprego Case Study Hero Image

Color Palette

Color palette of Siprego


type specimen of Oswald
Siprego Secondary Typeface

Pattern Design

pattern design with pizza ingredients


To understand the problem visually, a moodboard was created which reciprocates the look, voice and tone of the brand.

A comprehensive study on the primary and secondary typefaces was done. Out of a few shortlisted typefaces, Oswald and Mostra Nuova were selected. These two typefaces not only created a sharp typography contrast but also have historical and classical of Italy.

The color palette is inspired by the logo, which closely resembles closely to the analogous color scheme.


The red color will increase appetite and brown is for a warm environment of the restaurant.

For the pattern, it is composed of the main ingredients of pizza and pasta – two main dishes of Siprego. To give it a friendly look the illustrations were hand-drawn instead of geometric and mechanical.

Finally, all these visuals were documented in a proper brand guideline, that will maintain consistency in future.

Brand Applications

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